The first step in an assessment is to determine if mold is present. This is done by visually examining the premises. If mold is growing and visible this helps determine the level of remediation that is necessary. If mold is actively growing and is visibly confirmed, sampling for specific species of mold is unnecessary.

These methods, considered non-intrusive, only detect visible and odor-causing molds. Sometimes more intrusive methods are needed to assess the level of mold contamination. This would include moving furniture, lifting and/or removing carpets, checking behind wallpaper or paneling, checking in ventilation duct work, opening and exposing wall cavities, etc.

Mold Inspection Report

  • Includes pictures of affected San Francisco Mold Inspection Reportareas or areas of concern.
  • Detailed description of the Mold Inspection findings.
  • Recommendations on what need to be done to restore the Indoor Air Quality and remove the Mold.
  • We will provide detailed Mold Remediation cost, so you know what is the cost to fix the Mold Situation.

Careful detailed visual inspection and recognition of moldy odors should be used to find problems needing correction. Efforts should focus on areas where there are signs of liquid moisture or water vapor (humidity) or where moisture problems are suspected. The investigation goals should be to locate indoor mold growth to determine how to correct the moisture problem and remove mold contamination safely and effectively.

The basic goals of any molds investigation are always twofold: 10 find the locations of mold growth, and 2) determine the sources of the moisture. If these can be answered by simpler or more cost-effective methods, mold testing is probably not a wise source of resources.

3.^ U.S. EPA. 2002. A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home. EPA 402-K-02-003. Washington,

D.C.: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Commercial mold inspection

Hospitals, hotels, new constructions, schools and other comMercial properties please call for consultation


  1. Consultation
  2. Digital Moisture Detection-most accurate!
  3. Detailed 5 to 9-page mold removal "Xactimate"- prepared estimate!
  4. Writen Recomendations on "How to maintain in the future"

Dryfast Mold Inspection ReportMold Inspection & Testing

A mold inspection can be preventative or needed as a result from a problem, such as a water leak, visual mold findings, or health concerns. A comprehensive investigation includes a complete visual analysis of the premises, moisture testing with a digital moisture meter, leak detection, and sample collection for laboratory analysis. Our sampling includes Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) samples and surface samples in our basic mold inspection package. We offer many different types of sampling and are able to adjust to the needs of our clients. Our package price includes all the laboratory fees for the samples taken, a full report which includes the visual inspector’s notes/recommendations and an estimate to remediate any areas that are found to have fungal contamination.

Currently, there are numerous sampling methods available to measure fungal concentrations in the environment. Source sampling, which includes methods such as swab, tape, bulk, and dust, is commonly used to identify indoor fungi. Air sampling is one of the most common methods used to assess fungal levels in indoor environments. Many studies have related human health effects, such as increases in allergic and asthmatic respiratory symptoms, to airborne fungal spores. As the health effects of fungal exposure are mainly respiratory, air sampling is believed to be adequate to represent the exposure.

Dryfast's mold inspection incorporating the following:

  • Visual analysis of the property with focus on any areas found to be of concern by a certified inspector.
  • Moisture testing of the air and hidden cavities to detect moisture and leaks.
    Air and/or surface sampling around the property and areas of concern that will be sent to a laboratory for analysis to determine if a mold problem exists, what types of mold are present and in what concentration.
  • Evaluation of results with you by a certified mold inspector.
  • Recommendations for resolution if any problems are found.

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