Mold Inspection Project in Daly City

  Mold Out Services team were in Daly City to perform Air Quality Mold Testing Project in a property there. They had to perform mold inspection and as you can see from the photos here they used for this purpose Zefon cassettes. They offer a considerably accurate method of determining the quality of the air in a certain environment.       The purpose of these Air-O-Cell® cassettes is to detect a wide variety of airborne fungi such as mold spores, fibers (cellulose, fiberglass, clothing fibers, asbestos,etc.), skin cell fragments, pollen, insect parts. It also catches inorganic particles as copy toner, ceramic, fly ash, etc.Read More →

Air Sampling in Burlingame by Mold Out Services

The team of Mold Out Services is now in Burlingame for their new Air Quality Mold Testing Project. As a part of their project they perform  Mold Inspection with a Zefon casette  in a room affected with surface mold. Mold Inspection is a recommended procedure for every home owner because often mold appears on hidden places and is invisible to the naked eye as its spores are airborne. The first step of mold inspection is the observation of mold growth. It has a specific musty smell and  there are no visible signs for mold presence.Read More →

  Mold Out Services team are working on another Air Quality Testing Project in Atherton. They are using Air-O-Cell® – a special sampling cassette which purpose is to collect a wide range of airborne aerosols. These aerosols include pollen, mold spores,  skin cell fragments, fibers such as fiberglass, asbestos, clothing fibers, cellulose and other. Also, it detects inorganic particulates like copy toner, ceramic, fly ash, etc. This sampling method is much better than the typical sampling techniques. A proper mold inspection procedure includes air sampling for mold because it provides us with a clear understanding what kinds of contaminants the air contains. One of its advantagesRead More →

This Brisbane flat needs repairing as it's affected by mosture

Today the team of Mold Out Services was in Brisbane for their new project. They performed Mold Inspection and Water Damage Restoration Project in a flat affected by mold. When the team had arrived there for a mold inspection, the client had already removed the wallpaper of the wall to show the appearance of black mold. As they  do in every other project, Mold Out team document the entire process of their inspection of the property and give the client the complete documentation of the property’s current condition as well as certified written mold report. We can clearly see that there is some moisture atRead More →

Dryfast inspected a property in Nob Hill, San Francisco, the homeowner complained of a Mold smell that was coming from the hallway, not long ago / 3 moths ago/ they had a toilet overflow that was left to dry out on its own, since the homeowner thought that it will dry fast on its own.  Carpet dried fast enough, but the carpet pad did not!  that kept the sub floor wet for a long time, long enough to provide perfect environment for Mold Growth. No surprise the Mold started to actively grow and the Mold odor was strong at time of the Mold Inspection. CarpetRead More →