Mold Inspection Report

Certified Mold Inspection

The first step in mold inspection is to determine if mold is present. This is done by visual inspection the property. If we observe active mold growth it will help determine the level of contamination and type of mold remediation that is required to perform. In case we do not detect or find any visible mold activities and is not visibly confirmed, we recommend mold air quality sampling.

Our Mold Inspection includes the following steps: Attic inspection, Crawlspace inspection, wall and ceiling cavities inspection, personal belongings inspection, waterproofing, exterior inspection, roof inspection, humidity inspection, windows inspection, moisture inspection, in the mold inspection process we use the following tools: Moisture meters, Humidity meters, Infrared/ Thermal Imaging Camera super high resolution 76000 pixels! it sees the framing in walls!

Mold Inspection Report

  • Includes pictures of affected areas.
  • Detailed description of the Mold Inspection findings.
  • Recommendations and Mold Remediation Protocol on what need to be done to restore the Indoor Air Quality and remove the Mold.
  • We will provide detailed Mold Remediation cost, so you know what is the cost to fix the Mold Damage on your property.

For Tenants: Dryfast will document the entire inspection so you will be given a folder with our findings:

  1. What is salvageable.
  2. What should be discarded from your personal belongings.
  3. Detailed itemization of all personal property.
  4. Moving and Storage to our climate controlled storage facility.
  5. Property Mold Restoration protocol.
  6. Represent Tenants in mold Litigation claims.

For Landlords: We will work with you on all aspects of Mold Damage including but not limited to the following situations:

  1. Documenting the entire inspection process.
  2. Determine what caused the Mold Damage.
  3. Property issue or Tenants responsibility.
  4. Detailed Mold Remediation Protocol.
  5. Represent property owners in Mold Litigation claims.

Commercial mold inspection

Hospitals, hotels, new constructions, schools and other commercial properties please call for consultation prior scheduling to ensure sending the right estimator. We are government vendor for the city of San Francisco.


  1. Inspection and Consultation.
  2. Digital Moisture Detection-most accurate!
  3. Mold Testing, small and large areas.
  4. Detailed 5 to 9-page “Xactimate”- prepared Mold Remediation Protocol!
  5. Written Recommendations on “How to maintain after the Remediation process”
  6. Insurance Claims.
  7. No Mold Project is too big or small!

The benefits of Mold Inspection and Report.

Dryfast is competitive certified Mold Inspection company, that provides comprehensive Mold Inspection and Report in San Francisco, Bay Area. All of our Mold Inspectors have 7+ years of investigation, general contracting and or home inspection experience in addition to the mold industry certifications we carry.

Our Inspection helps people find, eliminate Mold and prevent Mold from happening. We have individual solutions to each and every customer, since all projects are quite unique,
The main Benefits of Mold Inspection and Report are:

  1. Complete documentation of the current condition.
  2. Having a Certified Written Mold Report.
  3. Itemization of Non-Salvageable items.
  4. Cause of the Mold.
  5. Property Mold Remediation Protocol.